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Let us help strategize your marketing.

while you focus on what you do best in your business.

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You built a business, you know you have a great product. The question is how do you attract customers, maximize your efforts and strategize for growth?

We work with our clients to strategize their

marketing & business strategies to align with their vision 

with greater synergy & increased growth.


About Us: Savant Marketing Solutions was started in 2009, at the time to be an all around marketing solutions company and one of the first in Thailand to execute digital marketing as well as strategy, execution, along with corporate and private events. At Savant we are passionate about helping our clients turn their goals into reality and coming to life.


Over time we've become more than consultants, we think of our clients, who include small business owners & multinational companies, as partners. We share their passion, their goals and nothing makes us happy that to assist our clients in generating growth & synergy.

Our Services

Marketing / Business 

Strategy & Consultation




Our Past Clients

and many more...

Our Portfolio

Sasin Graduate School Graduation Ball 2009

Destination Weddings


Private Events

Professional Events

Corporate Events

Attention to Details

Event Set Up

Logo & Branding Design

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